HEYA! IM RYAN! heres some stuff abt me!
  • soy colombiano, mestizo y hablo español
  • im mentally ill and in recovery! pls have patience, im trying to better myself
  • i have a dog named yoshi and i love him!!!
  • im a capricorn and i was born on christmas
  • you can ask me for my discord, line, ig, sc!!! i love makin friends!
  • anime (popular stuff, mahou shoujo, check my MAL)
  • square enix (kh and ff 10,13,15)
  • nintendo (mario, fire emblem, kirby, acnl, mother)
  • rhythm games (pop'n, osu!, rhythm heaven, ddr)
  • jpop + jfashion (street fashion and mainly shibuya kei)
  • other: vocaloid, dangan ronpa, touhou, rpgmaker games
my favs!
  • band: stars
  • artist: yoshizaki mine
  • color: pink!!!!!!
  • animals: cows and dogs
  • video game: kirby and the amazing mirror
  • fav song atm: click here!

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