NAME: R [rj, ryan, reese, rumia, rue]

ASL: 19 . ?? . ontario

LIKES: drawing, animals, pink, peach tea lemonade, makin friends!

INTERESTS: nintendo, squenix, dangan ronpa, persona, j/kfashion, sanrio, hamtaro, rpgmaker games, vocaloid, lots of random anime+games, and COOL AESTHETIC!

if you have questions just ask ^_~

misc info..

  • i LOVE dogs! i have a dog named yoshi he is my treasure, check out the sitemap for pics of him :D
  • i also love frogs, cows and sheep. i have a decent collection of cow toys, and i want to grow my frog+sheep collection!
  • nintendo is probably my favourite thing in the whole world since i was a Fetus!
  • i have a gf named megumi she is really wonderful!
  • im pretty shy but i LOVE makin friends n talkin 2 people!
  • drama/arguments/discourse trigger me a lot. pls keep it away from me. sorry ;_;

relatable character..

  • simon (ttgl)
  • ib (ib)
  • ricken (fe:a)
  • flonne (disgaea)
  • lucas (m3)
idc if u also relate to them!

i love these babbies

  • kirby
  • yoshi and luigi (mario)
  • garry and mary (ib)
  • nia (ttgl)
  • henry (fe:a)
  • the main crew from hxh